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Why We Love Artgrid
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Why We Love Artgrid

In the world of producing videos, you’re probably going to use your fair share of stock footage. While we specialize in animated explainer videos, we love using live action scenes to tell a story. While there are a large number of sites that sell stock footage (and while we have definitely used more than a few of them), we have fallen in love with Artgrid and continue to use it as our primary footage provider. Here’s why:

The Look

Sometimes stock footage can look like… well… stock footage. It can be a fun game when you start to recognize the same scenes in different documentaries and videos, but then again, you want your clients to feel like they are being represented in a unique way. Sometimes the concept calls for footage that looks like stock footage, but other times, it can start to look a bit “been there, already used that.” That is what makes Artgrid stand out to us. Their footage carries a more cinematic feel, something that can pack a punch, especially in a short video. The originality of the creators who post to Artgrid is evident in their footage and we love a fresh take to tell a story.

The Story

While “related videos” is common in the stock footage world, Artgrid puts a new spin on the “same shoot” concept. Many clips you find will be part a collection by the same artist, all of which can be used to tell a story from start to finish. Plus, no more worrying about the footage looking more like a mosaic of various pieces or color correcting in post so everything matches. Collections allow your video to look cohesive, almost like it was filmed just for your need, such as this beautiful collection by

Matteo Ermeti: Iceland Road Trip.

Iceland Road Trip by Matteo Ermeti

The Subscription

Racking up footage for a video can start to cost a pretty penny, especially when you buy multiple scenes from different providers. Artgrid makes it easy with a subscription service that allows unlimited access to all footage in the library. The price tiers vary depending on the file format (HD vs. 4k vs. RAW), but access is not affected by the only paying for HD or only 4k. When we have a video that calls for 8-12 clips, we love this subscription plan as it keeps costs down. Plus, no more “preview downloads” with watermarks. We simply download the clips we like and if the client wishes to change it, we find something else. No extra cost, no extra hassle.

As different clients will have different needs, sometimes you need to capture footage from various providers to adequately tell their story. We understand this and still use footage from other sites, but our first space to look is always Artgrid.