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Five Steps To Retaining Your Virtual Team During A Pandemic
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Five Steps To Retaining Your Virtual Team During A Pandemic

With the current state of affairs in the world today, everyone is adjusting to the new “normal” and working from home is a huge part of that for a lot of people. Since Demo:60 has always operated as a virtual team, we have five easy steps to help retain your virtual team and maintain productivity. 

Understand the workflow | As everything shifts online, workflow can be affected while everyone adjusts. Make sure to keep projects organized with lots of communication so the whole team is on the same page. Team managers should to make sure the workload is accurately communicated and team members should make sure to communicate their personal capacities. Maintaining this open communication ensures no misunderstandings as the team treks forward into the unknown virtual world.

Work with time differences | For a team who lives in the same city or state, this is not as much of a concern. However, for those teams that are more spread out, being aware of time differences between team members when scheduling meetings is important. Our team operates mainly in Arizona, Croatia, and Israel, so we have a large variety of times to work with. Sometimes getting a team check-in scheduled takes time, so be patient, you’ll get something on the books eventually.

Be flexible | Sometimes you can’t find the perfect time to talk or scheduled meetings need to be moved. Being detached from expectations around this will allow the team to keep moving forward despite any mini-roadblocks. Everyone’s schedule is shifting, and collectively, stress and anxiety are running high right now. Being patient and flexible with one another will keep the team on good terms and not allow any extra stress into the workflow. 

Understand the home environment | Closely related to the last point, it is important to understand that everyone’s home environment is different. Some have families, others are single. Some have roommates. Others are in a temporary situation where they are not completely settled. Sometimes dogs bark or babies cry. This is part of life and we are all doing the best we can with now managing home life and work life in the same space. 

Check in with everyone’s mental health | Finally, your team members are part of your work family. Make sure to check in with them. If someone is always available, is that actually a good thing? Respect people’s needs to take a mental health day or a little time away. Team managers should make sure their team members are getting time away from work as well and maintain a decent work-life balance as home and work are merged into one.

As the work world changes due to COVID-19, keep your team’s workflow smooth and productive while keeping an eye on everyone’s physical and mental health. We are all processing this new “normal” and have to stick together.

Alena Follestad-Jutilla, Production Manager at Demo:60, received her Bachelor’s in Strategic Communication and Pubic Relations from Northern Arizona University. She has experience in multiple industry areas including film, photography, production, digital marketing, content creation, influencer marketing, social media, and lead gen. She joined the team in early 2020. Visit our website: or view our portfolio: