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How Video Production Is Like Building A House
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How Video Production Is Like Building A House

Here at Demo:60, we’re big fans of analogies. Frequently, we tell clients that producing a video is like building a house. Here’s why:

Concepts are your foundation | To begin the production journey, you lay your foundation with a client kick-off meeting or two. Get the foundational concepts in place that will inspire the rest of the project and achieve what your client is looking for.

Blueprint your house | So now that you know where you’re going and what you’ll need to achieve in the final product, it’s time to start designing the exact layout (or outline) of your house. This comes to life through a script, which will help influence the subsequent design and animation.

Cover up the skeleton | And now it’s time to put up the drywall. This is your concepts phase. You might not have a fully designed storyboard yet, but you have colors, brand guidelines, and visions boards of what the video will generally look like and feel like. 

Make it pretty | Once you have walls up and you can actually see the layout taking shape, it’s time to paint the walls, add the trim, and make it look like a home. Once the previous phases are approved, your designer can begin to make everything pretty.

Make it functional | Finally, now that the house looks good, it needs to be functional. It’s time to add in the electrical, plumbing, and all the other components that make the house a home. Now that your design is ready to go, you’ll select your music and record your voiceover. Next your animator can go in and actually make everything work together. All of the transitions, timing, music, voiceover, and sound effects come together to deliver a final project that the client is happy with and that you’re proud to have built… er… produced. 

Alena Follestad-Jutilla, Production Manager at Demo:60, received her Bachelor’s in Strategic Communication and Pubic Relations from Northern Arizona University. She has experience in multiple industry areas including film, photography, production, digital marketing, content creation, influencer marketing, social media, and lead gen. She joined the team in early 2020. Visit our website: or view our portfolio: