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Three Ways To Get Your Videos Ready For Social
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Three Ways To Get Your Videos Ready For Social

In today’s world, establishing a strong presence on social media is crucial to reaching both potential and existing clients, and the social world isn’t reserved for just pictures anymore. Utilizing the various social platforms for video can increase brand awareness and audience engagement. Here are three ways to make sure your videos are maximizing their time on your company’s social feed.

Make your visuals stronger than your sound | Most people scroll through their social platforms on a muted phone, so don’t rely too much on the sound or voiceover of your video. Keep that element simple and instead, make sure the video has strong visual elements. Ultimately, you want your audience to be able to understand the video’s main message without ever turning their sound on.

Understand each platform’s aspect ratios | Not all social platforms are created equal. Posting a video may be limited by the platform’s selected aspect ratios, so keep this in mind, especially when creating a video for a specific channel. A portrait orientation might not be ideal on Twitter, while a landscape orientation might be less effective on IGTV. Make sure your videos match where you want to post, so you look like you know what you’re doing #FakeItTillYouMakeIt. Check out this awesome cheat sheet from Social Pilot.

Know your audience | Each social platform typically attracts different target audiences, with some overlap, depending on the product or company. If you have a fun, spunky video with lots of visuals, maybe that video would live best on Facebook or Instagram. A tech-oriented or conference style video may find more views on LinkedIn or Twitter. Longer videos may do better on YouTube, with teaser versions posted to the other channels. Take the time to post deliberately on each platform. Your followers will notice your thoughtfulness.

Whatever your product is or which social platforms you post to, use these three simple steps to optimize your video’s social presence and engage your audiences in the best ways possible. 

Alena Follestad-Jutilla, Production Manager at Demo:60, received her Bachelor’s in Strategic Communication and Pubic Relations from Northern Arizona University. She has experience in multiple industry areas including film, photography, production, digital marketing, content creation, influencer marketing, social media, and lead gen. She joined the team in early 2020. Visit our website: or view our portfolio: