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Five Tips To Finding The Right Music For Your Demo Reel
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Five Tips To Finding The Right Music For Your Demo Reel

So you have the talent, the expertise, and the experience. That’s great, but it all means nothing if you don’t have a showstopping way to showcase your work. Whether you’re in film, acting, animation, production, or all of the above, a demo reel is a great way to show off your skills. Perfecting a demo reel can be a long journey. Aside from editing your brilliant visuals, picking the right music is very important. Here are five easy steps to finding the right track for your demo reel. 

Go with your gut first | As you start thinking about putting together your demo reel, what is your initial vision of it? You might not have all the pieces together yet, but you can probably visualize the vibe the video has? Or the general style? While this might change as you research, follow your first inclinations. Your gut feeling is usually not wrong. 

Do your research | Find other demo reels that you like. Get inspiration. Don’t directly copy someone, but it’s okay to pull various ideas from others. Did a rock and roll song work for a demo reel you liked? Or did you prefer the quirky, melodic option? Research will help as you start your search.

Search for the music | This will take time. Don’t despair if you don’t find the perfect song right away. Our team primarily uses Premium Beat, the musical subset of Shutterstock. Search through the genres or moods you had in mind when you researched other demo reels. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Be open to other options that might work better, even if they aren’t what you originally had in mind. Start a playlist for your demo reel and add your favorites there. Then you can comb through later to find THE one. 

Think of the visuals | You might not have every frame accounted for yet, but you know generally what will be featured in the demo reel. Are the scenes longer? Shorter? What’s your focus? Are you breezing through examples of your work? We always keep an eye on a song’s BPM (beats per minute), that way we can roughly imagine how the visuals will move with the song. Depending on what you’re showcasing, a slower pace may be more impactful or quick transitions may tell your story better. 

Be unattached | Let’s say you found the perfect song. It captures the mood you’re looking for and you’re ready to edit everything together. But after putting music over visuals, you realize they just don’t fit like you thought they would. That’s okay. It’s a frustrating roadblock, but one you can work around. Go back to the drawing board. Maybe that genre of music doesn’t actually work with what you’re showcasing. That is why we love Premium Beat, since we can download a sound-marked version to make sure the music goes just right with whatever project we’re working on. Then when you find the perfect one, you can purchase.

Ready to pick a track but not sure where to start? We highly recommend Premium Beat. Start your research today.

Alena Follestad-Jutilla, Production Manager at Demo:60, received her Bachelor’s in Strategic Communication and Pubic Relations from Northern Arizona University. She has experience in multiple industry areas including film, photography, production, digital marketing, content creation, influencer marketing, social media, and lead gen. She joined the team in early 2020. Visit our website: or view our portfolio: